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The best Bubble Football and Bubble Soccer in Barcelona! The funniest form of football ever! A good laugh is guaranteed...

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  • What?


    Bubble Football is an incredibly funny form of football (soccer) where each player is wearing a giant plastic bubble.
  • Who?


    Bubble Football is a great game for everyone. There are no prerequisites or specific skills required.
  • Where?


    We play bubble football outdoors at football grounds or indoors at basketball arenas in the Barcelona area.
  • Why?


    Because it is one of the funniest things you can ever do! Many laughs together and a fantastic time!
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Bubble Football

Are you ready for an hour of hilarious fun? Where it is hard to get up because you are laughing so hard? Then you are ready for Bubble Football! Most likely, you will never find a funnier way to play football than Bubble football!

Bubble Football in Barcelona - Bubble Soccer in Barcelona

Bubble Football - Bubble Soccer

This is your chance to play a hilarious game of Bubble Football, a unique and entertaining teambuilding activity we offer for groups in Barcelona. Each player puts on a giant plastic bubble. Then just start running as fast as you can! In Bubble Football the higher the speed and the more you bump into each other, the more fun you have. The best thing is, it does not hurt. You can run into one another, roll, spin, bump eachother or knock over your opponents. You are protected within your bubble, it is all fun! In Bubble Football, we encourage high speeds, body tackles and lots of body contact. The most common injury laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

The bubbles we use in Bubble Football are gigantic; they cover all your upper body and go way over your head. This means you can roll over and bump into anything without trouble. The bubbles in Bubble Soccer are not heavy and they are transparent, so you get a good overview and can run with ease. You can choose between a variety of fun Bubble Football activities in addition to the classical Bubble Football match. Bubble Soccer does not require any skills, everybody who wants to have some fun can participate. If you are a corporate group, sports club, students or any other group visiting Barcelona, Bubble Football is the perfect teambuilding activity for you! Funny situations occur all the time and Bubble Soccer is incredibly entertaining for both players and spectators.

We can promise you an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and fun!

Price from €15,- per person - Click here to book!

Funny Norwegian Bubble Football Match

Funny American Bubble Football Match

Bubble Football

Bubble Football goes by many names. The Americans usually say Bubble Soccer, others call it Bubble Ball and some even say Zorb ball. No matter if you say bubble soccer og bubble ball, the main idea is the same. Put on a gigant plastic bubble, start running, start laughing, and have a fantastic time together! 

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Teams

Teams of 4-8 people

Minimum of 8 participants. No upper limit to number of participants.

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Crashing

Full contact without pain

You are protected by your bubble, just start running and bump into your competitors.

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Game types

Different games

Not just a football match, you can also try "Last Man Standing", "American Football" and other fun games.

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Have Fun

Have a great time!

Bubble Football is awesome! The perfect activity for a group who wants some fun and some laughs!