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The best Bubble Football and Bubble Soccer in Barcelona! The funniest form of football ever! A good laugh is guaranteed...

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Bubble Football - Rules

Bubble Football is a fun activity where everybody can have a good time. The most important rule of Bubble Football is therefor to respect each other, be nice, and give everybody the opportunity to have fun!

Before the match

  • People with injuries or physical problems like back problems, heart problems or any other physical problems should not take part in Bubble Football.
  • You should not take part in Bubble Football if you are pregnant.
  • Participants cannot consume alcohol before or during Bubble Football.
  • All personal items, like jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces, earrings etc. must be removed before the game. Glasses can not be worn because they can damage the player and the bubble.
  • All participants must wear appropriate sports clothing and sports shoes.
  • All participants must take part in a safety briefing before the game starts.
  • All participants are advised to warm up before the game.
  • All participants are required to have a travel insurance that cover this activity.
  • Minors have to be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the minors’ participation.

During the match

  • Wear the equipment properly at all times as indicated in the safety briefing.
  • Do not jump into fences, goal posts or other objects on the field or close to the field, nor push other players into any objects.
  • Do not kick other players or their bubbles.
  • Do not jump on, or bump into people who are already on the ground.
  • Participants must stay on the field at all times. 
  • If you feel any kind of trouble, notify the referee, or go to the side of the field. 
  • Always listen to the referee and his whistle, and stop immediately if you hear the whistle. 

Price from €15,- per person - Click here to book!


Adventures Barcelona disclaims any responsibility or liability for any damages (including direct or consequential loss for you or any third party) arising related to the participation in Bubble Football.


  • Be nice to each other, do not play overly aggressive. Let other players get up if they are on the ground. Show respect and a good attitude. Everybody should be able to have fun.
  • Treat the equipment and venue with respect. If you damage the equipment or venue, you will be liable for those damages and additional charges will apply.


Adventures Barcelona reserve the right to refuse services to any individual or group that violates our code of conduct before or during the game.

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Teams

Teams of 4-8 people

Minimum of 8 participants. No upper limit to number of participants.

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Crashing

Full contact without pain

You are protected by your bubble, just start running and bump into your competitors.

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Game types

Different games

Not just a football match, you can also try "Last Man Standing", "American Football" and other fun games.

Bubble Football Barcelona - Bubble Soccer Barcelona - Have Fun

Have a great time!

Bubble Football is awesome! The perfect activity for a group who wants some fun and some laughs!